Saturday, September 30, 2006

Profoundly pregnant

As the final days of this pregnancy arrive I find myself glowing from within, like a vessel of light, bursting with love and life.

The love I feel for my family is so deep and vibrant it can be nearly blinding.

Soon my body will undergo another major transformation as my child enters this world and I become a mother to two children.

As each day passes I become more and more eager for the birth to take place, I welcome the journey and find myself dissapointed upon waking to realize another night has passed in simple slumber.

But each day brings new joys and moments of such sweet clarity that I am grateful to revel in the warmth of this pregnant glow.

Blessingway Gathering

Last weekend a special group of women came and gathered with me in celebration of my pregnancy and upcoming birth. I was blessed to have 3 mothers, 3 sisters, 3 friends and 3 children attend my gathering.

As part of the celebration we sang together, and shared our thoughts and feelings about birth and motherhood. My mother washed my feet while we sang a special song "The river is flowing.. down to the sea". Mielle was very interested in the foot washing and helped Nonny with the task. It was very special to have my mother and my daughter work together at such a simple yet intimate act of love.

Each of the women who came brought a special bead or pendant to be part of a birth blessing necklace worn during labor. Each of the beads brought to me were special and I have really enjoyed making special peices of jewelery to wear during the birth. The beads and jewelery I am wearing in these photos all have special significance to me and I picked them with great care for the day's celebration. Mielle even wore the necklace I had created in preparation for her birth. Many of the women brought written blessings, poems and other significant objects as gifts and I have decorated my birth space with them.

In celebration of this special day, I created a special head wreathe using the same wreathe that I wore on my wedding day. For this special life event, I decorated it with fall leaves and special dried flowers. Wearing it, I felt so transformed... like an incarnation of the goddess, here on earth

Now that this blessing way has taken place I feel more prepared for the birth of my child. The birthing pool sits waiting in the corner of my bedroom, surrounded by special objects and images which I hope will fill me with inspiration and support while I am in laborland.

I am truly grateful to all the special women who gahtered with me at this special time. The few who could not join me in body were not forgotten, their love and support surrounded me and lifted me up to be transformed on this special day.

Thank you Beloved Mothers, Sisters and Friends... I value you greatly.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Sorry it has been so long since I visited here... I've been busy and my access to the computer has been pretty limited lately.
Yes, Jen I will post more pictures and soon, but it's complicated now by the fact that my computer at home isn't hooked up to the internet, but that where I have been downloading images from my camera, which means I need to burn a CD to take to my moms in order to upload images to the blog. I've got some super cool belly shots to share, and this baby is less than a month away, so I better get cracking!

Well that's all for now, we are all doing well, but way too busy.