Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Chubby Baby!

3 month update

Jasper was weighed today and is a whopping 15 pounds 12 oz! He's such a solid little load of bricks! My arm is going numb as I type this, he's sleeping with his head on my shoulder while I type one-handed. His soft little snores are whispering in my ears and my cheek rubs against his from time to time... he's so soft and sweet.

Jasper has begun grasping objects in his hands and is able to move things around. He struggles to actually look at objects placed in his hands and seems surprised when he glimpses them. He grins great big wonderful smiles of surprised delight when he manages to bring things up to look at.

He has become very interactive lately and coos and laughs when you talk to him. His Grampa Jim seems to be a great source of amusement and he invariably giggles and coos when Jim plays with him. Don't get me wrong, he laughs and smiles for most everyone, but Grampa Jim goes to greater lengths to amuse him... and the rest of us as well.

Jasper has enjoyed special time with all of his Grandparents and some of his greatgrandparents over the holiday season. We spent joyfull time with many of our family members and I enjoyed getting a bit of a break from the kids. Having lots of Aunts and Uncles for the kids to play with is great and of course all the doting Gramas were eager to snuggle them as well. I managed to do some knitting and some beadwork while spending time with family. I love having such a great big warm family!! We are so blessed with generous and fun family to spend time with! I just wish we could see some of the people that are out of town more often. We miss you guys!

I need to get going, but I hope to post some new photos soon, so check back next week.

Love to all



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