Monday, October 31, 2005

Wild Bonfire Images

I captured some really unique photos of my friends and family last night at a bonfire in our back yard. I was amazed at the results of some of these photos... very eerie yet lovely.

The leaping flames...

Miss Mielle in motion....

A passionate kiss....

Papa Greg's gentle gaze...

Baby Tristan's still regard...

Uncle Weylin smiles...

Tia Andrea's patient love...

Papa lost in the flames...

Profile image and so much more..

night. night.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

In My Shadow

On hands and knees she crawls across the lawn playing in the shadow of my childhood. I watch her entranced to see my past being relived. The maple tree I climbed as child casts a shadow onto the lawn next to her and I wonder where life will lead her, how long will she be content in my shadow before she takes giant steps out of the shelter of my past and into the great unknown. my inspiration for this photo

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Fall in love with Maple in the Fall

Maple, WI in the Fall.... one of my favorite places in the world.

A red Maple leaf catching the morning sunlight
as it lays on a soft layer of moss in my grandmother's yard.

Golden sunlight slanting through the trees gilding leaves and casting inky shadows against the ground.

Briliant red Maple leaves drift in the wind,
swirling down to the ground
in an eternal ballet of color and sound

The swish and and pitter-patter
of brightly colored leaves rubbing against one another,
giggling with delight.

White birch trunks lift up to the sky
framed by the dark greens of Juniper and Pine.

The slow and patient growth of fungus
on the trunk of a rotting birch trunk.

More pictures of Mielle and Tristan

More Pictures!

Mielle just loves kissing her sweet little cousin Tristan. Unfortunately he doesn't seem to fully appreciate the lovin' he receives. I can't really blame him, she's pretty slobbery.

Tristan is now 2 months old. What a cutie pie!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Cha, cha, changes!

Check out how different Tristan looks in 6 short weeks!

He has doubled his body weight in only 6 weeks! What a little moose!

Can you believe this is the same baby????

Monday, October 03, 2005


Mielle with Baby Tristan Oct 2005


My daughter is the most amazing and hysterically funny child in the universe. Yes, I said it. She's that cool. O.k. so maybe I'm overstating it a little bit, but she does have the most impressive vocabulary I have ever heard, from a one year old.

Never mind the common, "Mama, Papa, Up, and Down's" She has whole phrases and tells jokes! In 2 languages even! That's right 2 languages!

She can point to facial features when asked in both English and Spanish, she asks for "Agua" and calls her frog "Rana".

It's amazing how fast she learns a new word. Within a half an hour of being gifted with a stuffed animal she was calling him "Li, li" or even "Lion". After 5 minutes of blowing bubbles she spouted repeated requests for "Bubbles!" much to the amazement of her Aunt and Uncle at recent wedding we attended.

Her different baby dolls have different names, such as "Water Baby", "Purple Baby" and "Boca Baby"(which I secretly call "blowjob baby") te he hee

A couple of phrases has recently entered her vocabulary, such as "Take a Bath", "All done!" and "My turn" but my favorite, hands down is her most recent aquisition.....

"Stinker!" which she pronounces more like "kinker" with a mad cap grin and points a finger giggling maniacly.

I laugh hilariously further fueling her burgeoning skill. "I'm not a stinker!" I say, "You are the STINKER!"

I laugh and she sends it back at me. "Kinker!" she says pointing a finger and smiling one of her crazy squirell faced smiles, pulling her lips back, exposing gums, wrinkling nose up and tilting her head way back. It's such a ridiculous face and so darn charming.

"No, no" I say "Mielle is the Stinker!"



witty aren't we?