Thursday, September 22, 2005

"No time for love Dr. Jones!"

Sorry I have been missing in action, must. get. internet. access. at. home!!!!

Thought for the day.
Was Marty totally robbed? Or does J.D. deserve to front INXS???? What do you think?

Friday, September 16, 2005

Bosco the cat

Today, on our way to my sister's house we rescued a kitten. He lay trembling and mewing in the road, at first appearing to us, as merely a plastic bag that had drifted into our lane. It was only as we nearly hit him with our car and he turned his head that we realized there was a small helpless kitten laying in the road. Our simultaneous gasps of horror echoed in the car as my darling husband pulled a Dukes of Hazzard U-turn, (not really, but for the world's most cautious driver, it was in fact an impressive move!) and we headed back to where the kitten lay.

Now you need to realize we have in the car, our one year old daughter and my nearly 3 year old niece... fearing the worst we did NOT explain why we were stopping the car.

I waited in the car, on pins and needles and watched as my husband braved rushing traffic and frightened kitten hisses to squat down by the little terrified ball of fluff and tentatively reach out to touch it. The kitten looked up at him with helpless fear, a towering Giant of a man, and responded with a small mew of terror. Another car swept past as my husband gently rolled the kitten onto it's side checking it for signs of major injury.

I watched him handling the tiny kitten wondered if it was too injured to help, afraid we had a terribly injured kitten on our hands. I felt torn between wanting to help, and not wanting to frighten or upset my beloved niece with a mangled kitten body.

He turned to me, smiled and shrugged indicating the kitten seemed all right and I gestured for him to bring it to the car.

As he approaches the car with the little cat in his arms my niece realized what he held in his arms and began to squeal with delight "I see a kitty!" Squirming in place and beaming she grinned with delight and repeated "a kitty, a kitty, a kitty!"

I held out my arms for the kitten who snuggled into my lap trembling and blinking around at us as we peared at it. Before long he lay sleeping in my arms, all soft and warm, exuding kitty happiness.

We drove on. No need to stop and search for owners, he had no collar and we were not near any houses. A deserted looking business across the street offered no clues and besides, why waste time trying find out where he came from. He had come to us. We simply continued on our way, feeling proud of ourselves for saving him.

He has not emerged from his adventure on the road unscathed. He seems to be favoring one of his hind legs and has a few small cuts, one by his eye, another on his leg and he was bleeding from his mouth slightly when we first rescued him. He now lays snuggled in a car carrier cage in the guest room with food and water at hand, a litter box waiting for him. I wonder if he was hit by a car and survived mostly unhurt, just scared, or if he was chased by a dog? It obvious he is a survivor and I hope he continues to do so well.

We may have to get his leg checked out by a vet if he continues to favor it, but for now, all is well with the world. Saving one small cat may not make a big difference in the world, but it makes a difference to me.....

We thought of naming him Lucky, but it seemed too common a name and we've settled on Bosco, short for Boscobel, the town we rescued him in. Does this mean we are keeping him? Not sure, but I suspect he's ours for good.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Uh ohh...

For about a week I have been noticing smells.... especially a sour milk smell on Mielle which has driven me to bathe her more often cause it turns my stomache.

Last night I got up at 3 in the morning... to eat. I was ravenous, with a familiar stomach achey kind of hunger.

All day long, I have been burping... sour gassy burps that seem to come from my knees and cause me to sigh involuntarily afterwards.

Last week I washed every single piece of maternity clothes in the house, admiring the pieces my sister collected over her pregnancy and fondly stroking the ones that were mine..... remembering. (I was packing it all up to store it.)

Mielle's skin has suddenly broken out this week, she has 2 noticeable zits on her face... maybe I'm producing extra hormones...

Even now, at this very minute I am feeling slightly queasy and tired. This afternoon I tried to put Mielle down for a nap because I was so very tired and wanted a nap, badly. I kept trying for almost an hour and a half, much to Mielle's distinct frustration!

I have not had my period at all since Mielle's birth and am still actively nursing (about 8 times in 24 hours) We still nurse about 3 times a night!

My hubby and I did actually have sex in the last few weeks... which ironically enough is probably only about the 8th time in a whole freakin year! What can I say, I really haven't had any sex drive!

O.K. so, what do you think?

sounds like I'm pregnant doesn't it.

Edited to add: Nope, turns out I was just getting my cycle back....

Reflective thoughts

I have been keeping awfully busy lately. In the last few months I have been in and out of my sisters home helping her with childcare and packing. It's funny how I haven't had time to write in my journal, in fact my journal has been pretty neglected since I started blogging. I guess I find more time for sitting in front of a computer than for pulling out my journal.....

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Another Birthday Party!

On August 30th we went out for dinner with Nonny and Grampa Tom to celebrate Mielle's Birthday.

Mielle had so much fun with at the restaurant and got LOTS of attention.

While we were there Mielle was handed a Bright Red Balloon, which became the highlight of her day! The balloon was tied to her wrist by a string, she waved her arms about and watched the balloon dip and bounce and crash about. She squealed and giggled and laughed outright at the antics of her bright red balloon.

The other thing she loved to do with the balloon, was press her face into it and look through at people, giggling hysterically. It was so funny seeing her little nose all mashed up against the balloon! All of us adults kept wincing to see how roughly she handled that balloon. We kept fearing it would pop right in her face.

However, the balloon lasted longer than she did. When she finally crashed for the night, Papa was there to hold her tight.
Happy Birthday Mielle!

Hip and Happy Babies

The little girl cousins have been reunited, and boy, oh boy, are they having fun together!

Today they got some cool hip new shirts... Mielle's has Yoda on it and has "SIZE MATTERS NOT" printed on it. Peever's is a Green Day shirt and has "KISS ME, I'M PUNK" on it.

While we were out shopping today, a woman asked if they were twins.... "Twins?" I thought, "are you crazy?"

But looking at photos, I can see the similarities in their faces and how close they are in size, even though Mielle is like 5 months older. And while they may not actually be sisters, they do sure love one another. They definitely light up at the sight of one another. When we pulled into the driveway here a few days ago, Mielle started asking for Peevers right away. She kept calling for her as we walked up to the house!

It saddens me to think that they will be actually moving away soon.... the little girls will go months without seeing one another. Mielle will stop asking for "Baabbbee EEve" and Peever's won't include "Baby Mel" in her first words.....

After spending as much time with my sister and her kids in the last few months as I have, it is hard to imagine not seeing them for months. Even while writing these words, I don't think I can even quite take it in.

A little old man...

Sometimes when an infant looks up at you, their squinched little faces appear ancient, knowing and wise beyond measure. They look up at you so seriously, examining you and the world around them waiting for an answer, an answer which only time can provide.

Tristan - one week old