Monday, November 13, 2006

Growing boy and growing family

Tomorrow my little man will be 6 weeks old! It is unimaginable how quickly the time has gone, but how intensely emotional those weeks have been. It has gone so very quickly, he's growing by leaps and bounds! At Halloween he weighed 9 pounds and I wonder what he weighs right now... He's got the cutest little rolls of fat under his chin and on his thighs...

Mielle never looked like that, it's funny to see them peeking out at his neckline. He's a strong little guy lifting his head up and looking around... he pushes with such strength with his legs when crying and can roll from his tummy onto his side! Yesterday Jerome was rewarded with the biggest grin when he was playing with him, it's amazing to me how quickly he's changing and learning new skills!
I wish my learning curve was as remarkable! Learning to parent two children has not been easy. Some days I feel like a total failure, listening to both children cry untill my ears ring and I break down and cry with them. Other days I amaze myself by washing and folding laundry, reading Mielle books (in spanish) while nursing Jasper for the millionth time that day! It's amazing what I can get done in a short amount of time, while they are sleeping, or Jerome is home with them... I've never cleaned so quickly or joyfully. It's sad when cleaning house is your fun break from the tedium of the day.
Mothering Mielle has been very challenging lately and I have really struggled to meet her needs while staying sane. She is really going through a tough time, challenging me on everything, regressing and simultaneously being stubbornly independent. Thankfully I am surrounded by loving family and am able to go to them for help. I am so grateful for all of my kids grandparents, (they have 7!) having them available to come play with Mielle and snuggle little Jasper is so very helpful.
Photos from family visits here

It's been a rough time, as Jerome has been gone so much. We miss him terribly at home and leap upon him when he walks through the door. Seriously, it's crazy how quickly his arms are full of kids and the dog and I are leaning against him wagging our tails and panting... at least he knows he's loved!

Love is certainly the defining aspect of our lives right now. I feel so surrounded by love every day. Even when feeling overwhelmed and stressed, love is there holding me up and keeping me going. The love I have for my sweet little children and they for me, the sweet fleeting moments of tender love my husband and I share as we care for our children and each other.


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