Sunday, January 29, 2006

Mud pies for the soul

One of the highlights of our trip to Georgia has been getting a chance to enjoy the warmer weather. One lovely afternoon we met up with my sister's good friend and played in mud puddles with her and her children.

It was awesome getting all wet and dirty, and the big boys were definitely quite eager to splash and play in the soupy sloppy mud puddles.

The mama's mostly sat in the sunshine eating cookies, up on the hill while overlooking the mayhem down below.

The sweet little girls played in the grass, enjoying the fresh air and warm sunshine.

Miss Mielle crawled after the big boys, excited to experience the mud puddles for herself.

Ribh stuck close to her "Mama Memo" (as Mielle calls her) eager to snuggle up in her mama's warm embrace.

Afterwards we all tromped back up to the house with sopping wet kids, ready to take a warm bath and eat a yummy afternoon snack... champaign with oj for us mamas and hot cocoa and crackers for the kids. What a delicious afternoon!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Snuggling with Papa Greg

Mielle has been enjoying spending extra time with Papa Greg this last week, while we have been visiting my sister's family. It's been great to see her snuggling up to him, all soft, warm and trusting.

When we choose to move into "The Farm" with Dad it was partially in hopes that Mielle would benefit from having a Grandparent on hand, and I'm so glad that they are connecting in such a meaningful way. She's such a lucky little girl to have so many grandparents who love her so much. I hope that they continue to be such an integral part of her life.

I love getting to share with her, the special feeling of being held in his arms.

Monday, January 23, 2006

A birthday girl!

Today Miss Ribh Wallis turns one year old!

Her joyfully exuberant spirit is ever so charming.
Spending the last week with her and her family has been so much fun!

Ribh's big brother Gabe loves playing with the little girls,
Mielle thinks it's pretty neat having such great cousins to play with!

The two little girls have been partners in crime,
exploring the house together and finding toys to play with.

Mielle and Ribh have been having such a great time crawling on each other, sharing clothes, stealing each other's sippy cups and of course, swapping slobbery nuks!

Oh, the joys of having such a fun family to spend time with!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

"Big, Big Beluga!"

The excitement of meeting a beluga whale has made quite the impression on Miss Mielle. We went to the Georgia Aquarium today while visiting my sister and her family. I think perhaps the highlight of the visit was for Mielle, the whales.
Seeing them moving so languidly and gracefully before us was mesmerizing. They played before the viewing window, in an awesome ballet of behemouth porportions. Mielle was enrapt and repeatedly exclaimed to me "Beluga, mama... Beluga... Big, big, Beluga!" I found myself quite in agreement with her, their beauty was otherworldly,..... infused with a knowing wisdom in their eyes.
Eyes of the deep.

Mielle and I snuggling together while marveling at the sights. I think my favorite part of the Aquarium was in the tunnel under the water.

As you travel through the tunnel the fish swim above you, schools of sting rays float together like a flock of geese, flapping their "wings" languidly in the ripples of light.

A gigantic whale shark passes silently overhead followed by swarms of golden fish traveling in its wake.

Light streams down through the water filling the space with a glory rays, tantalizing to the eyes.

These images are just a glimpse of the beauty of the exhibits, most of my photos fell terribly short of the impact of seeing the fish in motion. The undulations of movement, the sparkle of light and water, scales and coral was amazing. This glimpse of life underwater was intoxicating and intriguing.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Too darn cute to endure...

She slays me......

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Mama's don't get sick leave

Earlier this week I had a brief yet horrible bout of the flu in which I learned that being my daughter's Mama is the toughest job I've ever had. However, the benefits are outstanding!

As I layed in bed shivering and shaking from the fever which coursed through my body, the sound of a small yet firm voice penetrated my delirium. "Nu, Nu Mama!" A small soft hand tugged at my shirt insisting that I share with her with the delicious and nutritious food which only I could provide.

Blearily I rolled twords her pulling her warm body up against me. Contentedly she settled to nursing, and I let my mind wander, trying to distract myself from the mounting nausea in my upset stomach. The vague and confusing contents of my dreams flitted through my mind combined with the sight of steam rising off the mug of tea sitting beside me.

My darling husband hovered nearby ready to gather my daughter up in his arms and carry her off to the array of activities, toys and yummy bribes he had prepared for her in hopes she would leave me alone long enough to give me a good long nap.

"All done" she announced pulling the fabric back down over my sadly flacid breast. With gentle pat pats to my hands and arms she leaned in to kiss me goodbye, so loving and sweet. With appalling energy she let herself down from the bed, excited to play games with Papa untill Mama was all done being "Sic".

Her parting advice penetrated my fuzzy brain and I smiled to myself "Don't Vom, Mama" she informed me and tottered off holding her Papa's hand.