Thursday, January 19, 2006

"Big, Big Beluga!"

The excitement of meeting a beluga whale has made quite the impression on Miss Mielle. We went to the Georgia Aquarium today while visiting my sister and her family. I think perhaps the highlight of the visit was for Mielle, the whales.
Seeing them moving so languidly and gracefully before us was mesmerizing. They played before the viewing window, in an awesome ballet of behemouth porportions. Mielle was enrapt and repeatedly exclaimed to me "Beluga, mama... Beluga... Big, big, Beluga!" I found myself quite in agreement with her, their beauty was otherworldly,..... infused with a knowing wisdom in their eyes.
Eyes of the deep.

Mielle and I snuggling together while marveling at the sights. I think my favorite part of the Aquarium was in the tunnel under the water.

As you travel through the tunnel the fish swim above you, schools of sting rays float together like a flock of geese, flapping their "wings" languidly in the ripples of light.

A gigantic whale shark passes silently overhead followed by swarms of golden fish traveling in its wake.

Light streams down through the water filling the space with a glory rays, tantalizing to the eyes.

These images are just a glimpse of the beauty of the exhibits, most of my photos fell terribly short of the impact of seeing the fish in motion. The undulations of movement, the sparkle of light and water, scales and coral was amazing. This glimpse of life underwater was intoxicating and intriguing.


At 3:13 PM, Blogger Jilly said...

Wow, Anna! Those are some phenomenal pics! Looks amazing!

At 8:48 PM, Anonymous jen said...

ooh! sting rays! sting rays! loooooove sting rays!

can't wait til T is as chatty as Miss Mielle. Glad you had fun! The cold north misses you, but I bet you don't miss the cold...


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