Monday, October 03, 2005


My daughter is the most amazing and hysterically funny child in the universe. Yes, I said it. She's that cool. O.k. so maybe I'm overstating it a little bit, but she does have the most impressive vocabulary I have ever heard, from a one year old.

Never mind the common, "Mama, Papa, Up, and Down's" She has whole phrases and tells jokes! In 2 languages even! That's right 2 languages!

She can point to facial features when asked in both English and Spanish, she asks for "Agua" and calls her frog "Rana".

It's amazing how fast she learns a new word. Within a half an hour of being gifted with a stuffed animal she was calling him "Li, li" or even "Lion". After 5 minutes of blowing bubbles she spouted repeated requests for "Bubbles!" much to the amazement of her Aunt and Uncle at recent wedding we attended.

Her different baby dolls have different names, such as "Water Baby", "Purple Baby" and "Boca Baby"(which I secretly call "blowjob baby") te he hee

A couple of phrases has recently entered her vocabulary, such as "Take a Bath", "All done!" and "My turn" but my favorite, hands down is her most recent aquisition.....

"Stinker!" which she pronounces more like "kinker" with a mad cap grin and points a finger giggling maniacly.

I laugh hilariously further fueling her burgeoning skill. "I'm not a stinker!" I say, "You are the STINKER!"

I laugh and she sends it back at me. "Kinker!" she says pointing a finger and smiling one of her crazy squirell faced smiles, pulling her lips back, exposing gums, wrinkling nose up and tilting her head way back. It's such a ridiculous face and so darn charming.

"No, no" I say "Mielle is the Stinker!"



witty aren't we?


At 8:24 PM, Blogger Shawn said...

Those are the best conversations can be pretty darn cute sometimes. My nephews bust me up with stuff like that from time to time.


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