Sunday, August 14, 2005

Blogging withdrawl...

Boy, does this suck!
I have been without computer access for over a week!!!! Between the birth of my sister's son, helping my mom move to a new house, and a family gathering, I haven't had any time to sit in front of a computer and compose a new post.
I've got tons of new photos all whispering to me, telling me stories... the thoughts and feelings that arise from viewing images from my life. But, no time in which to sit and share these images or thoughts!!

It's REALLY frustrating not having internet access at home... speaking of my home, Man alive is it weird to see your home with new eyes after being away for a few weeks. First you need to understand that I share my home... with many people and animals. I live in an ancient worn down ramshackle old-ass farm house. Albeit a beloved familiar and "special" place it remains truth be told, VERY dirty. Yes, very dirty. And at times very stinky.
Stinky, you ask? yes..... stinky.

There are currently 4 dogs (down from 11 earlier this winter!) 3 cats, (up from the 2 I brought with me upon moving in) and a couple of sadly neglected fish tanks. (don't forget the assortment of baby chickens, rabbits or other barn yard animals can be found residing in my home at various times) There are currently 2 babies in diapers and 5 adults that live in my home.

The combination of all our smells can be alarming. At least I found it so, when walking into my home after being gone for 2 weeks. Alarming, yes that is precisely the word. I was ALARMED at how stinky and dirty I found my home to be. Alarmed and embarrased and even a little angry.

Don't get me wrong, I love my home in all it's old worn down beauty, just wait till you see the gardens!!!! It is an amazingly special place and I love it deeply. I just don't appreciate the aroma that greeted me upon re-entering my home. I'm not even gonna go into details, suffice it to say, Dogs and Cats stink at times.

So, what can you do? One single human being in the face of a stinky dirty house shared by many people all of whom seem to be to busy, lazy, inherintly procrastinating or simply distracted to take responsibility for cleaning... not just picking up some clutter, but scrubbing and sweeping and vacuuming and scrubbing some more. What is one lone frustrated mama to a year old baby to do?

Get out a bucket of soapy water, I guess. Which is what I did. Which is why I have not been lurking about the computer room at my mother's new house playing with my new fun blog.


At 4:13 PM, Blogger Mar said...

Come back to Iowa where I can tempt you with an automatic dishwasher, high speed internet, digital SLR camera, and only one animal.

Oh yeah, and four kids, but only three in diapers.


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