Friday, August 05, 2005


Sisters Make The Very Best Friends

Today I'm getting in my car and driving home... home, to my darling husband, my spoiled kitties and my idiot Laborador Retriever. Despite my excitement to see all of them, to wrap my arms around my husband and squeeze him tight, to snuggle my kitties close and take my puppy for a walk...despite all these great things, my heart aches.
My heart aches to know I won't hear the kids tell knock, knock jokes or listen to Dora shriek at me to "Say Espere!"Gabe won't show me his Chicken Butt.......
But most especially, I won't get to share knowing smiles of enjoyment, frustration and amusement with my darling sister as we laugh to together over the children's heads.

I will miss you all very much!

All my Love


At 8:52 PM, Blogger Mar said...

We miss you already Banana Girl. Quin called me Anna twice this afternoon.

I love you chickie!



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