Friday, July 29, 2005

Warm and snuggly Nonny love

Miss Mielle and her snuggly Nonny

Damply warm from the tub, wearing a soft and snuggly oversized t-shirt she smells slightly of peppermint and shampoo. She enfolds you in her arms, the skin soft and moist, yet warm to the touch. Her soft breasts are gentle and pillowy, no sharp bones to bump into here! Her lips pucker up and shower you with adoration, they pitter pat against your cheeks, your forehead and your nose. Her laughter burbles forth deep and rich filled with overtones of affection and sympathy.
A smile lights up your face and you arch against her, leaning back to look up into her twinkling eyes. A giggle escapes your tender little lips and you reach out a hand to touch her face, exploring the wrinkles and creases so filled with love and laughter. The joys and the tears of a lifetime written across her features. With delight she gazes down into your open face, so smooth and fresh and bright and new, waiting to be filled with life's experiences of love and of tears.

I chuckle to myself as these thoughts flash through my mind, remembering the comfort of her arms, knowing and recognizing the love she gives you as familiar and richly flavored. Both of you turn to me at the sound of my voice and the glory of your smiles fill my mind.
How dazzling, the flavor of family.

Who us?


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