Monday, August 01, 2005

Monkey see, monkey do!

"NOOOOoooooo! BAby Mel!" Q-girl shrieks as she clambers up onto the first stair.

With a lurch Miss Mielle turns and focuses on her cousin's retreating form....
"humm, what's SHE doing?" Gathering her limbs under her she begins to crawl at top speed twords the towering mountain of steps.

I moan to myself and follow thinking mournfully that my peace of mind has just dissapeared.... "Not the stairs" I think to myself.

A mindbooglingly high pitched teradactylish shriek erupts forth from the grubby faced Q-Girl at the sight of "Baby Mel" coming to get her. "And, do what?" I wonder to myself.... What could my 11 month old crawler possibly do to her 2 year old cousin??? Whatever it is, Q-girl is convinced of the emminent danger and backs up a few more steps.

Emboldened and curious Miss Mielle places her small hands on the first stair pulling herself upright. The tantalizing sight of her cousin dances before her as she begins to mount the stairs.

I follow with camera in hand torn between capturing the moment and hovering anxiously behind my daughter as she embarks upon her mission.

Motherly instinct proved right as she slipped slightly and caught herself, turning to look at me as if to say........... "See I can do it."

As I reflect on this, I know that my daughter is growing up, getting bold and will mount many more steps as time passes. I can not hover at her side keeping her from every fall, every hurt, every dissapointment. But, I can try to be there to watch her meet challenges however they may turn out.

Because she can do it.


At 3:56 PM, Blogger Kris said...

I know that shreik. Glad Mielle isn't daunted by it! Muhahaha Quin!


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