Thursday, July 28, 2005

A blessing Bead

On my wrist it sits, secured by a bright red strand of common yarn.... a bead, a blessing bead. A blessing bead you wonder.....
It is quite simply a bead, but this bead represents my unborn nephew, whom is currently snuggled deep within my younger sister's womb. He stretches out to stroke the sides of his home a warm and safe home filled with the thrumming beat of his mama's heart. The strength of her womb contracts around him and he pushes back arching against the constriction.
Her body is gearing up, preparing to perform the greatest task it has ever undertaken before, an amazing task filled with joy. The muscles deep within her are preparing to bring him forth into the world where we can all see him, and hug him, and kiss him. The journey may be long but I know that they will make it together, mother and child.

That's what my bead is for, remembering and acknowledging their eminent journey, together.


At 6:43 PM, Anonymous Papa said...

A frog hops around the tan line on my wrist and reminds me of many people. Sarah, and now, my banana as well. Love you 4ever.

At 7:39 PM, Blogger Anna Banana said...

Hi sweetheart!
To those of you who may be confused by this frog hopping around on my husband, let me explain....

His blessing bead is in the shape of a little green frog!
We picked out our beads the day of my sister's baby shower and have been wearing ours on our wrists ever since. The beads are a reminder to think happy baby thoughts and send good vibes their way. all the guests at her shower took home beads as well as picking a bead to give to the mama to be. She has an entire string of beads from everyone at the shower, to serve as a reminder that we all love and support her during this special time.


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