Saturday, August 06, 2005

The sweet scent of newborn baby flesh......

Ahh... breathe in deeply.
The smell fills your nostrils,
courses down into your lungs and sets your skin a tingling.
New Baby!

Oh the raptures of tiny little fingers and mewling little cries.
The fleeting yet fierce expressions that cross their miniscule faces....

The weary joy on a newly made Mama's face and
the tender glint in a Papa's eye,
tender moments that transfigure and transform new parents.

The downy softness of a fluffy baby mohawk,
stroked by loving fingers and tucked away
within a fluffy hat to be discovered anew by loving friends and family.

The sweetly pursed lips of an infant,
awaiting mama's milk, all unknowing and infinitely content.

The eager excitement filling the hearts and minds
of Gramma's, Grampa's, Aunt's and Uncle's,
each revived and refreshed by the taste of joy in the air.


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