Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bun in the oven

Yep! that's right, pregnant.

You heard me right, we are cooking up another little monkey!

Being pregnant for a second time is strange, good but strange. So many things are so familiar, but somehow I had actually managed to forget just how miserable and wonderful a feeling it is.

It seems like I am experiencing less nausea this time around which I am grateful for. With Mielle's pregnancy I threw up a lot. I believe it was about 50 times in 5 weeks during my first trimester! So far, I haven't thrown up at ALL! I gag regularily (like 15 times a day), which seems to be how my body expresses to me that I must eat, immediately, sit down to rest and breathe slowly and deeply. Also I am being smarter about my food choices. Protein is my new best friend. It must be protein or I might as well not bother putting it in my mouth.

Another big difference in this pregnancy is being at home full time. Last time I was working and the pressure of getting up and getting ready for work seemed to be too much for me in the morning, which was puking prime time, followed by post work exhaustion vomit sessions. So at least now my day is pretty low key, just highly defined by my toddler's needs.

Which brings me to the biggest and best difference, which is having Mielle for company! Sometimes having to care for her while taking care of myself is quite daunting but mostly it seems to distract me from the misery going on in my tummy. Also I suspect the hormones released by nursing help counteract the nausea, for which I'm quite grateful.

And speaking of hormones... oh baby! I had forgotten about the mood swings, the tears and the euphoria of pregnancy hormones coursing through my body. I seem to swing between giddy lovey dovey adoration of everyone in my family to miserable tearful resentment of the demands being placed on me. Poor Mielle must be so confused by Mama's moodiness.

So, here we are struggling to get though this first trimester... I am sure looking forward to the spring when the earth will awaken once more and we can escape out into the fresh air to bask in the sunshine.

Must get though the rest of this gloomy winter....


At 1:39 PM, Blogger Kris said...

woo hoo! I've been waiting for the "official" announcement!

Sending energy vibes your way!! And understanding vibes to honey girl

At 7:47 PM, Anonymous jen said...

I think you're right, children are great for distracting you from sickness. That was the one time when I wasn't feeling queasy when I was pregnant... when I was up in front of my students. Hang in there, soon the 1st tri will be over and you'll feel glorious and bountiful - to coincide with spring! Won't that be something! :) xo


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