Monday, February 06, 2006

Tumblin' around!

While we have been here in Georgia, my sister signed Mielle up for a little tumbling class that Quin is taking. It has been so fun to go see the other little kids once a week. They do some basic somersaults and walk on a tiny little balancing beam. There are kids running every which way and Mamas chasing after...

Mielle seems a little overwhelmed by all the activity and tends to stand back observing things for awhile at first, but eventually gets into it. At times the directions involved in attending this class, seem a bit over her head, but at least she's not alone in that respect. Even if she's not doing quite what she's "supposed to" she still has a good time!

Her favorite activities seem to be catching bubbles and sliding face first down the little slide. It holds more interest for her than any of the other more intentional and acrobatic kinds of activities.

It's been fun to go out somewhere with Mary and the kids and see the little girls playing together without snatching toys from one another and howling in fury! I find it really interesting to see how much of a difference even 6 months can make in what the girls understand and are able to try. It's fun to have Ribh crawling around watching all the excitement.

Speaking of excitement...
"Miss Lynsey" the rather frenetic and overly animated instructor seems to scare Mielle a little bit, but honestly I can't blame her, I'd be freaked out by that woman too. Don't get me wrong, she's a very nice woman, but between the exagerated southern accent and the "in your face" friendliness, combined with an overdeveloped sense of authority... or something, she comes off a bit over the top. Despite this, Mielle is quite eager to be doled out her stickers at the end of the hour and seems to find marching around the room, following her lead plenty entertaining. So long as "That freaky lady" doesn't get too close, Mielle's happy as a clam.

All in all, I'm glad Mary thought to include us in this little adventure.

Thanks Sis!


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