Friday, December 09, 2005

Late Fall at the Farm

A few weeks ago on a cold and dreary late fall afternoon I wandered about the property with camera in hand. The leaves had all blown away leaving cold stark branches to stand silent witness to the coming of winter. The remnants of Halloween lay slumped and frozen listening to the drip of rain on the barn roof.
These are a few images of "The Farm" in all their forlorn glory.

View from out a barn window

Through the branches of a gigantic old tree in the front yard

A broken window in an outbuilding

Rusty hinges

Weathered boards and windows without glass above a barn door

A frozen pumpkin glistening in the chilly rain

The quiet of the cornfield behind the house

A corncob rotting underfoot, in the field after harvest

A raindrop gathered on an Apple Gall, waiting to drop.


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